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Our Team


Justin Redlick

With over 20 years of experience guiding and outfitting Justin has "been there and done that". His casual and laid back attitude is partial to a lengthy and impressive career as a guide. His ability to find and harvest big deer is "second to none".

Tommy Gun

Thomas Wood

This young man has been with us from before the start. Tommy is of the most genuine people that you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. Not to mention he created a Canada-wide paper shortage the last time he tried to print his resume. If you get pinned with Tommy you're in for some laughs and one heck of a hunt!

Trophy Bighorn Sheep Mexico

Trophy Bighorn Sheep

Elijah Anderson

Eli has been with us from the first day south of the line in Old Mexico. He likes a challenge, which explains his unrivaled passion for sheep hunting and his ambition to see what lies over the next ridge. At a very young age, he sports one hell of a resume. Mexico is one of the many stops each guiding season, in what has turned into a year-round career for this hombre.


Carlos Astorga

Carlos is our logistics guy/ranch owner/boss in Mexico. With these titles comes a great deal of responsibility and organization that we would not feel comfortable having anyone else handle. Carlos is a very funny, capable, and connected person. He does a wonderful job of keeping our Mexico operations running efficiently and smoothly.  


John Astorga

John is a sheep guide at heart. He's turned his passion for chasing desert bighorns into a career, and to say the least, he is one of the most experienced sheep guides in Mexico. John is also quite the comedian, often leaving you no option but to smile and laugh. His happy and relaxed demeanor makes each and every hunt an enjoyable one. We look forward to many more seasons with John.


Dominic Jackson

Dom is a partner/guide with our Canadian Moose & Whitetail operations in eastern Alberta. If there's one thing Dominic knows, it's big whitetail. Having guided and harvested some truly spectacular deer over past seasons. Dom brings a vast amount of knowledge to the table for his young age and is sure to teach you a thing or two about these Canadian Whitetail.


Seth Duncan

Seth works with us on the southern Alberta hunts. He's a go-getter and a talented young man that we enjoy working with. When he's not stunt doubling for Johnny Depp, Seth works across western Canada making a career of guiding and outfitting almost year-round. He knows big mule deer, loves cutting the leash on fresh lion tracks, and knows how to get it done. Seth has a long and bright future in the hunting industry.


Josiah Anderson

Joe started with us during the 2018 wolf season and to say the least, he was a refreshing addition to our team. His quiet and comical sense of humor is one we can't wait to have back in camp, even if we have to pull him out of the ditch twice daily. His work ethic is second to none, we actually have to force him to take a break. Joe guides Canada-wide almost year-round and has an extremely bright future ahead of him.

Jordan Wagner

Jordan Wagner

Like many great guides we bring on to the TKO team, Jordan was referred to us by one of the fellas on our crew. Finding and adding young and talented men like Jord to the roster is never easy. As per usual, he totes an extensive resume that is built from hard work and a unique personality. With Jordan, you're sure to have a laugh or two and hunt as hard as you'll let him! If you're fortunate enough to hunt with him south of the line in old Mexico he's sure to hook you up with some of the best burritos in town as he's our local burrito connoisseur!