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Mountain Lion Hunts

Mountain Lion Hunts

Mountain Lion hunt

Alberta Lion hunting

Alberta is one of two provinces in Canada where a nonresident can hunt Mountain Lions; it also produces some of the largest cats each year. Mountain Lion populations are estimated to be more than 2500 lions, with the majority residing in the SW portion of Alberta. A big mature tom can weigh in at 160lbs with the biggest of lions tipping the scale at 180lbs +. When hunting with hounds in the vast foothills of Alberta there is no telling what a hunter may find treed.


Our Territory

Our area is situated in the SW corner of Alberta, where the foothills drift out of the Rockies. The area is home to large populations of deer and Elk that are scattered throughout the foothills, creating a perfect recipe for a plentiful population of mature Mountain Lions. Our lion territory encompasses a rather vast range of scenery that will take your breath away.

the hunt

The Hunt

Mountain Lion hunting is an active hunt and requires a hunter to be in good physical condition. All hunting is done with hounds that are tracked with GPS collars. Most of your time will be spent trying to cut a fresh track in the snow; once a track is cut and your guide is satisfied, he will release the hounds. The chase could go on for miles or just as easily a few short minutes, depending on the age of the track. All of the hunting is done from trucks or snowmobiles and could require a large amount of hiking. All hunters must come physically prepared for this hunt as it could have an impact on the overall success.


What To Expect

Mountain Lion hunting in Alberta can be very successful. If a hunter comes physically prepared and ready to hunt, he or she can expect a shot at a mature Mountain Lion. Any hunter who wishes to bring a bow can expect the same success.


Getting Here

When traveling here, your destination is the Calgary International Airport. All clientele will need to fly in the day before, preferably in the morning, to allow us to shoot rifles and get settled in camp. We handle all transportation to and from Calgary. The hunting area is approximately two hours west of the Calgary Airport.


Hunt Schedule

All of our mountain lion hunts are a minimum of 6 full hunting days. Longer trips can be booked upon request. Clients can expect to fly into Calgary the day before the hunt and depart the day after the hunt ends. 

2024/25 Season Dates:

Dec 9-15, 16-21 
Jan 6-12, 13-19 
Feb 1-8, 9-15 
March 1-7, 8-14


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