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Moose Hunts in Canada

Moose Hunts in Canada

Canada Moose Hunts

Alberta Moose Hunting

 Alberta is home to the Canadian sub species of moose, these moose can be found anywhere from the heavily forested willow swamps to the rolling grain fields. During the calling season in Sept/Oct the bulls are in rut and in search of females, this can make for an exciting hunt! The possibility of a seeing a bull with antlers in excess 40 inches wide is likely, while he calls and thrashes everything in sight. We also have a late season in Alberta, it allows for non residents to hunt the November season. Giving us the ability to offer a great combination hunt in the Whitetail/Mule deer rut. Big bulls can often be found in bachelor groups this time of year, making for an exciting hunt. 

Hunting Moose in Canada

Our Canadian Territory

Rut Hunts: The early season rut moose hunts are done in the Northwest Peace region of Alberta, Canada. Terrain in this part of the province consists of large forested swamps and lakes, as well lush river systems these big Alberta bull moose call home. This diverse area allows us to offer multiple styles of hunts in the true wilderness of Alberta!

Late Season Hunts: Our November moose hunts take place in the Northeastern corner of Alberta, Canada. Where the rolling grain fields meet the forest fringe, creating some the best ground for our moose to produce large amounts of antler. The 5200 square miles our area encompasses, consists of 90% private land and 10% government land. 


The Hunt

Rut Hunt: On our rut moose hunts we have many different styles of hunts. All dependent on the conditions each year brings. You can expect to be along side your guide calling and covering  ground either by pickup, ATV, boat or foot. It is best to get set up early when its still calm and the forest is quiet to start calling, as this allows us to hear those faint bull grunts in the distant. This can tend to be a physically demanding hunt as you’ll find these moose often live in the swampy, willow infested terrain.

Late Season Hunt: On our November moose hunts you can expect to be on a quad or in a truck with your guide along side for the entire hunt. This is a spot and stalk hunt, hunting either fields and pastures or back off the farmland in the willow swamps these moose call home. The moose in November will not be calling and are most likely be in bachelor groups, increasing the chances of seeing multiple bulls in one area.


What To Expect

The Canadian sub species of moose are in the middle of the size bracket. Being smaller than the Alaska/Yukon species to the north, and larger than the Shiras species to the south. A hunter can expect a 75% shot opportunity at a mature bull in both the rut and the late season. Our typical mature bull will have antlers varying from 35-45 inches in width with the occasional 50" bull harvested.

Guided Moose Hunts Canada

Getting to Alberta, Canada

Rut Hunts: When traveling here your destination is Grande Prairie Airport, all clientele are urged to fly in the day before we pick you up. A member of our team will pick you up the following morning giving you time to shoot rifles and get settled in camp. We handle all transportation to and from Grande Prairie, the hunting area is approximately 3 hours north of the airport.

Late Season Canadian Hunts: When traveling here your destination is the Edmonton International Airport, all clientele are urged to fly in the day before we pick you up. A member of our team will pick you up the following morning giving you time to shoot rifles and get settled in at the lodge. We handle all transportation to and from Edmonton, the hunting area is approximately 1.5-2 hours northeast of Edmonton airport.

*For hunters looking to return with all of their meat driving is your only option.



Canada Moose Hunt Schedule

Our Moose hunts are 8-9 full hunting days depending on which hunt is chosen. Clients can expect to fly in 2 days before the hunt and depart the day after the hunt ends. 

2020/21 Rut Dates in Canada:

Sept 24 - Oct 1
October 3-10

2020/21 Late Season Dates: 

November 1-9
November 11-19
November 21-29


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