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Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunts in Mexico

Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunts in Mexico

Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunts Mexico

Trophy Desert Sheep in Mexico

Free Range Desert Sheep Hunts in Mexico

Chasing the desert Bighorn Sheep in the Sonoran Desert of Mexico is a true adventure. The terrain is steep and made up of sandpaper-like rock that crumbles beneath your feet. Unlike the other 3 North American sheep, these dark-horned rams can be found anywhere from the flats foraging on the abundant feed to the mountain tops of these beautiful coastal ranges. The Mexican culture tailored with the great hunting in Sonora will have you wanting to come back year after year and is something every hunter should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting in Mexico

Desert Bighorn Terrain

Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting Territory
in Mexico

All of our desert sheep hunting is done within the state of Sonora, Mexico. The area covers a vast portion of the western coastline of Sonora along the Sea of Cortez. It consists of many low-elevation ranges and remote road systems, making the physical aspect of the hunt less strenuous than most North American sheep hunts.

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Guided Sheep Hunts in Mexico

Trophy Desert Bighorn in Mexico

Guided Free Range Desert Bighorn Hunt

The mountain ranges that parallel the Sea of Cortez consist of vast and sharply etched desert peaks that can look intimidating to the untrained eye. Typically, a hunting day will consist of hiking with your guides glassing from vantage points. Desert rams, especially free-range, can be very difficult to spot, and patience is a virtue when searching for a mature desert sheep. Rams can be found alone and occasionally in larger bands of 5 or more. The average day glassing for sheep a hunter can see an average of 10-20+ between rams, ewes, and lambs.

Expectations for Your Bighorn Sheep Hunt

Expectations for Your Bighorn Sheep Hunt

Desert Bighorn Sheep hunting is not as strenuous compared to the other 3 North American sheep, although we do ask that hunters come prepared to hike. As a desert sheep hunting outfitter, we prefer a hunter who is capable of longer shots and able to hike a reasonable amount. You can expect to take a mature ram around 160", with multiple rams taken over 170" each season. All of the sheep in our territory are native to the area and completely free-range, the biggest indicator is the dark horns. If you are only interested in booking a "free-range" sheep hunt in Mexico, be sure that you are getting what you paid for. Many desert Bighorn Sheep hunting outfitters in Mexico are high fence hunts, which are more common than the free-range hunts in Sonora.

Mexico Hunting Outfitters

The Mexico Hunting Terrain

Getting to Mexico for the Desert Sheep Hunt

All flights will need to be booked with Hermosillo, Mexico, as your final destination. Due to the laws pertaining to firearms in Mexico, hunters bringing their rifles will need to fly directly from Phoenix to Hermosillo with no connections anywhere in Mexico. Hermosillo is where your rifle permit will be located upon entry into the country. Upon your arrival you will need to check your rifle, we handle all gun permits prior to your arrival along with notifying Mexico customs of your necessary permits. Once you've cleared security a TKO employee will meet with you, the time of arrival will determine whether you depart for camp immediately or commence first thing the following morning.


Trophy Bighorn Sheep Mexico

Trophy Ram in Mexico

Desert Bighorn Sheep Mexico Hunting Dates

All of our desert sheep hunts are a minimum of 8 full hunting days. Longer trips for the sheep enthusiasts/freaks can be booked upon request. Clients can expect to fly into Hermosillo Airport the day before the hunt and depart the day after the hunt ends. 

Mexico Desert Bighorn Season Dates 2024/25:

Hunt dates are very limited. Call or email us for availability.

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