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Coues Deer Hunts

Coues Deer Hunts

Coues deer hunting

Coues Deer Hunting in Mexico

The state of Sonora is the home of Mexico's finest coues deer hunting. With populations strong and healthy in the NW corner of Sonora its a top destination for coues deer fanatics. The heavy and dark antlered coues deer in Mexico can be quite elusive, making for a challenging hunt that requires patience and great optics. The diverse habitat that stretches throughout the Sonoran desert provides the perfect home and food source these coues deer need to thrive. There is no telling what a hunter may see when hunting the prolific coues of Mexico.   


Our Territory

Our 250,000 acres of lush desert habitat sits in the northwest portion of Sonora. Proper management along with minimal hunting pressure makes for an exciting hunt. What truly makes an area like this unique is a natural mix of hills and desert flats, giving us the ability to get a birds eye view of the terrain these deer call home. We limit the number of hunters each season to a number we feel the area can more than withstand. Making for a quality hunting area with little pressure and big coues deer.

the hunt

The Hunt

On our Coues deer hunt you will be spending some of your time hiking and the rest will be spent glassing for these elusive grey ghosts. A big coues buck can be found anywhere from the desert flats to the mountain tops. Hunting these deer will require a great amount of patience and quite often some longer shots. Your guide will be along your side the entire time and will do his best to get you on the deer once spotted. This can be very difficult, coues deer hunting is a tough but a very rewarding hunt.


What To Expect

Coues deer hunting can be difficult but also very successful if a hunter is prepared. A hunters success is often attributed to their ability to hike and make long shots. A hunter with good optics and a true shot can expect an opportunity at a mature 100"+ coues deer.


Getting Here

All flights will need to be booked with Hermosillo, Mexico as your final destination. Due to the laws pertaining to firearms in Mexico, hunters bringing their rifles will need to fly direct from Phoenix to Hermosillo with no connections anywhere in Mexico. Hermosillo is where your rifle permit will be located upon entry into the country. Upon your arrival you will need to check your rifle, we handle all gun permits prior to your arrival along with notifying Mexico customs of your necessary permits. Once you've cleared security a TKO employee will meet with you, the time of arrival will determine whether you depart for camp immediately or commence first thing the following morning.



Hunt Schedule

All of our coues deer hunts are minimum 6 full hunting days. Longer trips for the coues deer enthusiasts/freaks can be booked upon request. Clients can expect to fly into Hermosillo airport the day before the hunt and depart the day after the hunt ends. 

2023/24 Season Dates:

Hunt dates are very limited, call or email us for availability.


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