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Hunt Bighorn Snow Sheep in Kamchatka, Russia

Hunt Bighorn Snow Sheep in Kamchatka, Russia

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Snow Sheep Hunting on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Home to the largest subspecies of snow sheep, the Kamchatka Bighorn calls the Sredinny, vostocny and eastern ranges home. The population of Kamchatka snow sheep is healthy and growing, creating a game-rich environment and the most successful snow sheep hunt available today. The beautiful, vast, and remote location these sheep live in will make you want to return year after year.

Sheep Hunting Packages

Snow Sheep in Russia

The Sheep Hunting Territory

The area we hunt for Kamchatka Snow Sheep is found in central Kamchatka. This area has a diverse landscape mixed with sharply etched volcanic peaks and vast slow-rolling ridges. Elevations in these regions can exceed 11,000 feet, and the Kamchatka snow sheep are found roaming these ranges between 5000 and 8000 feet in elevation. The lush vegetation and minimal pressure from hunters or predators make for some of the best snow sheep hunting available.

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the hunt

The Hunt

All of our snow sheep hunts utilize helicopters to access these remote ranges. The current snow conditions and weather will determine the style of the hunt, we can accommodate a wide variety of clientele including those in lesser physical condition. Longer shots while hunting Kamchatka Bighorn can be expected, and every client needs to practice well before the hunt. Most of our hunts take place in the later portion of the season. Although you can experience random weather conditions, this is when the capes are the finest, and the likelihood of snow is high, making these heavy rams highly visible.


What To Expect

All clients can expect a shot opportunity at a mature ram of 8 years and older, we have a 8 year minimum policy in place and your guide will make the call on age. The typical curl on these bighorns can average between 33"-37" with some of the largest rams sporting horn in excess of 40".


Getting Here

When traveling here, your destination is Petropovlovsk-Kamchatsky. All clients will be picked up directly from the airport in Petropavlovsk by a member of our staff and depart for camp directly from the airport. Depending on road conditions, you can expect a 2-4 hour drive to camp. We handle all the paperwork you’ll need to bring a firearm and provide you with additional paperwork needed to obtain a visitor visa. We highly recommend using a service like VisaHQ to complete the application.


Hunt Schedule

We can start hunting as early as August 1 in Kamchatka. Dates will be chosen based on a hunter's physical ability and individual needs. All hunting in early August requires a minimum of 2 hunters. Please contact us regarding the date selection.