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Kamchatka Russia Hunting Lodge & Premium Equipment

The Hunting Lodge

The Hunting Lodge

While hunting in Kamchatka you will have modern luxuries in the middle of nowhere! The lodge is equipped with satellite tv, wifi, and even a sauna to relax after a hard days hunt. All camps are equipped with showers and each hunter will enjoy their own private bedroom, for the location these camps are far from rustic.

The Food

The Food

Clients should expect to gain weight on this hunt! All of our camps have a full time cook that prepares excellent meals 3 times a day. Lunches are packed for your days hunt and a warm meal will welcome you back after a long day of hunting. With a little bit of notice we can cater to any dietary needs a client may have. 


The Helicopters

Outfitters are only as good as their staff and equipment! We understand that safety and professionalism is first and foremost therefore we only deal with well maintained and safe helicopters. All of the pilots that operate this first class helicopter fleet are professional and experienced pilots with countless hours logged.

Hunting Packages


The Snowmobiles

The last thing any of us want is lost time on a hunt due to failing equipment! Although even the best equipment can give us issues, we maintain a new 4 stroke snowmobile fleet to get us out on the hunt quietly and efficiently. This generally keeps us in the field longer and gives us the ability to explore the furthest reaches of the hunting area.